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We've modified our fabulous farmhouse aprons to provide versatility and convenience to your daily routine. No more struggling with quick trips out to the garden to grab fresh herbs or tomatoes during meal prep. With our unique design, simply pull up the loops on the base of your apron and secure. You now have an instant, handsfree pouch to hold your fresh garden goodies. And who hasn't gone out to gather eggs and realized too late that you've forgotten a basket to put them in!?! With our harvesting apron, simply slip your precious eggs into the individual front chest pockets to keep them nestled safe and sound as you go about your remaining chores. The apron also comes with two generous side pockets to store your gardening gloves or cell phone. It's the perfect gift for the homesteader in your life.         


Handmade with love on our farm, these farmhouse aprons will bring cheer and sunshine to your daily routine. They're reversible, so you are really getting two aprons for the price of one. Made from 100% cotton with a unique and stylish cross back design. Slip on and off quickly with no tying or straps to irritate your neck! Available in many colors and patterns. When ordering, please specify a color preference. Call or text for custom orders. 

Harvesting Smock with egg pockets

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