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Our Story

We are a small, multi-generational family farm in central Oklahoma with a passion for delicious food, regenerative gardening and compassionate animal husbandry. Two Lights was born from the dream of achieving a simpler way of life, one in which we could raise our own healthy food and watch our children grow up, free to run, play, and experience the wonder of God's Creation, first hand on a daily basis.

Our story began in 2012, when we tilled up a patch of prairie land for our first garden, planted the seeds with enthusiasm, and sat back contentedly to watch them grow. Then almost immediately, stripped of it's protective network of native grasses, the ground hardened. The sun beat down, the wind howled, evaporating what little moisture the topsoil could retain and we watched with dismay as our dreams of food independence withered away. Within a season, the native grasses returned with vigor, demonstrating nature's resilience to restore the ecosystem we had disrupted.

Though excruciatingly humbling at the time, that first garden failure was the best thing that could have happened to us. We learned quickly that if we were ever going to reap the harvest of our dreams, we had to give more to the land than what we were taking from it. We began experimenting with regenerative growing methods, adapting those principles to meet Oklahoma's challenging growing environment. 

Today, cows, goats and sheep help to rejuvenate our pastures and woodland through rotational grazing. Chickens, ducks and turkeys roam in the sunshine, scratching the ground, eating bugs and fertilizing the earth. We've expanded to include five functioning growing spaces, all utilizing different regenerative techniques to boost food production and invigorate the soil from year to year. To protect our own health and that of our honey bees and local pollinators, we forgo industrial chemical sprays, adopting alternative strategies for pest and weed control.         

Over the last decade, we've realized that the simple life we dreamed of isn't necessarily an easy life. But what we've gathered on the journey is even more valuable. Through the struggle, sweat and disappointment, we've learned that the hardest things are often the most rewarding in the end. In 2021, with supply chain disruption and inflation on the horizon, our original vision expanded from the borders of our farm into the community. We wanted to make a tangible positive impact and began selling our abundant seasonal produce boxes at low cost as grocery store prices soared. Today, we are continuing on the mission to make delicious, nourishing food attainable to everyone, not only through the products we raise, but through personal consultation and workshops, geared towards helping others to achieve their personal food security and sustainability goals.  

We are committed to the ideal of building a more resilient, interconnected community, one in which we all look out for the well-being of our neighbors and land we share. Through the bitter failures, sweet rewards and all the moments in between, we trust that the little seeds we sow today can cultivate a heritage of health and abundance, a harvest that all our children can share for generations to come.  

"Give thanks to Him who made the heavenly lights,

His faithful love endures forever.

The sun to rule the day,

His faithful love endures forever.

The moon and stars 

to rule the night."

Psalm 136: 7-9

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