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September 23rd: Seed Exchange & Sourdough Workshop

Check out the next Homestead Community Day in Sparks!

September 23rd: Seed Exchange & Sourdough Workshop

Join Central Steaders OK for Homestead Community Day on Saturday, September 23rd from 3-6pm! This free monthly event is designed to build supportive relationships within the local homesteading community, which includes anyone interested in pursuing a more self sufficient lifestyle through topics like gardening, food preservation, survival skills, foraging, animal husbandry, soapmaking, and more!

Participate in wholesome family activities like kids games, crafts, enjoy a meal, and learn new skills, all while connecting with other like-minded folks in your area. This month, Two Lights Farm will be hosting a free SEED EXCHANGE for all of you aspiring green thumbs out there! We are most interested in sharing tried and true varieties that thrive in our challenging region. Bring extra seeds from your personal collection to share with the community and take home new unique varieties to try out in next year's garden. Just make sure your seeds are non gmo & non hybrid, heirloom, or open pollinated. If you don't have anything to share, that's ok! This activity is intended for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Not interested in gardening? Check out the traditional SOURDOUGH BREAD WORKSHOP with Hillside Apothecary at 3:30pm. You'll learn the basics and get the opportunity to take home a starter culture so you can start creating delicious loaves of your own!

Have any farm fresh foods, produce, baked goods, books, tools or other items you would like to donate, sell or trade with the community? Bring them along! Three Ring Ranch will be running the free book swap table, where you can find free educational materials to enrich your home library.

Community meal will be served from 4:30-6pm. As always, this event is totally free, but donations are welcome and will go towards supporting the Sparks Fire Department for the vital service they provide for our community. Event is sponsored by Central Steaders OK and hosted by Sparks Fire Station. Can't wait to see you there!

Located at 210 West Guss in Sparks, Oklahoma

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