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Our authentic cold process milk soap is made the old fashioned way, right here on our farm using ingredients like raw local honey, high quality organic oils, herbs, and most importantly, fresh milk sourced directly from our animals. We add our milk at the end of the soap making process, meaning that it is never exposed to extreme temperatures. The beneficial proteins and enzymes remain intact, resulting in a delightfully creamy, gentle bar that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and nourished. Our soap is very lightly scented, gentle, and lathers beautifully. We use only high quality, natural essential oils in our products. If you're looking for strongly perfumed soap, this is not the one for you. Absolutely no heavy synthetic fragrance oils or artificial ingredients will ever go into our product. It's the soap we use everyday. We love it and we think after one use, you'll love it too!


External Use Only.

Glorious Goatsmilk Soap

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