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Perma...whaaat?? Freshly layed, soy free eggs from joyful chickens, raised with care in a productive, self-sustaining ecosystem. At Two Lights Farm, the health and wellbeing of our animals is top priority. We do our best to protect the flock while still providing them with a life of freedom outdoors through the use of overhead netting and a six foot high perimeter fence that surrounds their spacious habitat. The chickens are seasonally rotated to fresh foraging ground in our 5,760 square foot permaculture garden zone, a model that allows the ladies to hunt for insects, enjoy the leftovers from last season's vegetable harvest, all while enriching the soil for next year's crop effortlessly through their natural behaviors.

This zero-waste, rotational system provides our hens with all the sensory stimulation and health benefits of free ranging, while at the same time provides them with protection from predators and reduces their potential interaction with wild birds. The flock enjoys the option of shade and shelter from the elements in their 24 foot long open air housing, strategically designed to maintain stress free, sanitary conditions and promote respiratory health through continuous natural ventilation. Their elevated housing is equipped with a mesh floor which prevents accumulation of waste with minimal maintenance, requiring little more from us than to refresh their nesting box materials. Less disturbance means happier chickens, and happy chickens lay more eggs!

Clean water, organic kelp, herbs, fresh vegetables, and an all natural, soy free ration are always available to supplement their diet. We love our ladies and want to give them the best life possible in return for the delicious eggs they share with us. We feel good about feeding this product to our family and know you will too.

Permaculture Eggs (Soy Free)

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