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Our subscriptions slots are full for the 2024 Summer Season! If you are interested in getting on our waiting list, feel free to reach out!

Available by pickup only. Please select Cottage Market Pickup at checkout. We're sorry, but shipping on fresh items is not available at this time!


A wonderful value! We hand select the best that the season has to offer and create a vibrant masterpiece of color and flavor just for you. From familiar favorites like crisp salad greens, spicy garlic, and heirloom tomatoes, to unique additions like Chinese yard long beans, purple tomatillos and golden watermelons, our beautiful & budget friendly produce boxes are sure to awaken your senses and refresh your creativity in the kitchen. Items change based on availability, but you can always depend on the consistent quality, value and freshness of our products from season to season. An added bonus, our seasonal boxes often include suprise specialty items like fresh cut flowers and limited stock items not always listed in our online inventory. We love to see you smile and do our best to build boxes that we would personally want to receive. If you are not fully satisfied with an item, we will provide a refund or replacement item on us. Start your seasonal food journey today and experience the difference.

Abundant Seasonal Produce Box

  • We love to see you smile and do our best to build boxes that we would personally want to receive. However, if you are not fully satisfied with the quality of an item you receive, we will provide a refund or replacement product on us.

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