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"How to Make the Most of Your Trip to the Farmer's Market: Tips for Locally Sourced Produce and Artisanal Goods"

Looking for a way to enrich your community and make healthier choices for yourself and the environment? Start shopping local! When you replace imported, mass produced grocery items with fresh, locally produced foods, your money goes farther and you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are tangibly supporting your local farmers and small business owners.

With the growing interest in homesteading and small scale sustainable food production, it's easier than ever to source the products you are looking for! Find a farmer's market in your area and make it a regular part of your grocery shopping for the week. They may not have everything you are used to seeing at the big grocery chains, but with less items to choose from, you will save money, time, and ultimately receive a higher quality product. Fresh food tastes so much better!

Instead of making your trip to the local farmers market an occasional novelty, try building your weekly menu based on what is in season and available in your area. Grab a crusty loaf of artisan sourdough and handcrafted fruit preserves for a delightfully nourishing breakfast. Make a big salad using fresh organic lettuce, carrots, and herbs. Because it's fresh picked, it will last so much longer in the fridge, resulting in less waste! Swap out industrially produced eggs and meat, for the free range, humanely raised version available from your local farmer! Afterwards, fill in the gaps on your list with a quick trip through the grocery store aisles.

At Two Lights Farm, we're working hard to make it easier and more convenient to find the fresh, delicious, and locally produced foods you love. Order direct through our website and pickup when your schedule allows at our climate controlled farm stand with remote keyless entry. Looking for a more connected, face to face shopping experience? Come visit us in person at Meeker Farm & Craft Market on Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm ~ 343979 E Hwy 62 Meeker, OK. We'd love to see you and answer any questions you have about our products!

Feel free to text us anytime at 405-328-0464 and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on what we've got growing!

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