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Are You Prepared? Storing Food for a "Rainy Day" and How to Actually Use It if You Need To!

Join Central Steaders OK for a community meetup on Saturday, Jan 27th from 3-6pm at the Sparks Fire Station.

Come connect with like-minded folks in the area, learn something new, and share a meal. The theme this month is long-term food storage, the practical knowledge and techniques that you can use to provide future food security for your family in emergencies, natural disasters, or lean times. Come ready to share your questions and personal insight if you have knowledge of the topic. One of the best aspects of being part of a community is learning from each other and having a well of life experiences and wisdom to draw from! We'll provide basic information on what items to store to economically meet your specific caloric and nutritional requirements, as well as several methods for keeping the food fresh and bug-free in long-term storage.

As a bonus, we'll have an additional Ancestral Skills and Wisdom workshop afterwards which will cover some different traditional food preparation methods, for those who want to go a bit deeper and learn how to maximize the flavor and nutritional potential of grains and legumes to prevent chronic vitamin & mineral deficiencies like scurvy, rickets, and pellagra. These diseases can wreak serious havoc on the body, but are easily prevented by using traditional preparation methods developed by our ancestors. We'll also share some delicious and nourishing traditional recipes that can be made primarily from food storage items.

Just want to socialize? Potluck meal will be served at 4:30 pm. In the event of extreme low temperatures or in-climate weather, the event will be canceled, so check back for updates if you want to attend!

As always, this event is free to but donations are appreciated and will go directly to the Sparks Fire Department as a "Thank You" for their generosity in allowing us to use the station for our activity. Please make donations payable to Sparks Fire Ladies Auxiliary (tax deductible). For more info, feel free to text 405-328-0464.

Location: 210 W. Guss Sparks, OK

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